Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mylar Survival blankets

Mylar Survival blankets - a blanket, designed to reduce heat loss of the human body in case of emergency. It is a thin film of PET coated with metallized reflective material (usually gold and silver), which reflects up to 80% of radiated body heat. The quilt is made by spraying a thin layer of aluminum on the film substrate.
Mylar Survival blankets are usually included in first aid kits. During its impermeability, neproduvaemost and light weight (50 g for the blanket size 210 by 130 cm), they have also gained popularity among tourists, who use it very broadly: as blankets, bedspreads, bedding, parobarera, ponchos, or ultra-light tent.
Because of its small thickness Mylar Survival blanket does not protect against heat loss associated with heat conduction, so is not a panacea and, if possible, should be used in conjunction with other insulating means.
For protection from the cold, use a blanket silver side inside cool - on the contrary, silver side out.

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